The National Commission on Vision and Health (NCVH) is a national, non-partisan group of public health leaders, whose mission is to improve the nations’ visual health by helping assure access to vision care as an integrated part of public health programs at the national, state and local levels. The Commission collaborates with experts in science and health policy to ensure informed analysis and policy recommendations to help prevent blindness, improve vision function and eliminate vision health disparities.

The Commission provides authoritative information and advice concerning health policy to decision-makers, health professionals, and the public at large. Work of the Commission is shared in consensus reports of expert study committees; symposia and convocations engaging multiple stakeholders in debates of national issues; proceedings from conferences and workshops; and "white papers" on policy issues of special interest.

The Commission reviews the growing evidence of significant barriers to access eye care by high risk populations and the consequent societal costs of vision impairment. The major forces impacting health care delivery will be explored with an emphasize on how to expand the role of optometry in primary health care, prevention of vision loss, treatment of disease and rehabilitation of vision conditions. The Commission will evaluate the various collaboration strategies employed by the AOA HEHP initiative and consider what policy measures are needed to expand optometry’s role in all level of health care delivery and related public health collaboration.

Publications for the Commission are prepared under contracts with various public health research groups, including the George Washington University’s Geiger Gibson Program in Community Health Policy, School of Public Health and Health Services and Abt Associates, Inc, Cambridge, MA.